Breathe Life into Your Paddocks with Suregrow CSM

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Did you know 85% of grassland is mineral and trace element deficient?

Your paddocks and grassland may look in reasonable condition but is both the soil and grass the very best it can be?

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CSM from the Suregrow range provides more than 70 minerals and trace elements. A number of these enter into the plant and can be beneficial to the health of the animals eating the grass.

CSM injects a wide range of minerals and trace elements into the soil which maximises the utilisation of Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potash and Sulphur. This totally natural product stimulates root development and strength giving a denser sward, while also improving the eating quality of grass and acts as a soil conditioner which results in a denser more vibrant turf.

The minerals in CSM have many benefits for both the grass and horses. Calcium helps the grass growth and neutralises plant cell acidity improving the palatability of the grass. Increased levels of Magnesium in the grass can have a calming effect on the horse or pony and supports the absorption of Phosphate. Sodium, improves the palatability of grass and reduces the Potassium imbalance in growing grass. Chloride’s benefit is that it supports the transportation of nutrients in the plant.


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