International event rider Nicola Wilson chooses Suregrow Fertiliser

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She will be applying Suregrow Fertiliser to all the grazing paddocks at her Yorkshire base.

Nicola, riding Opposition Buzz, was part of silver medal winning eventing team at the London 2012 Olympics and like many of her fellow event riders, includes daily turnout in the management of all the horses in her yard.

She explains; "I am looking forward to using Suregrow Fertiliser as it will help to ensure our grass is very nutritious and in the best possible condition. The quality of our grazing is important to me as the horses definitely look forward to their time in the paddock each day”.

Nicola joins an elite group of riders who use Suregrow for their grazing, including international event riders Oliver Townend, Ruth Edge and Caroline Powell, together with dressage icon Richard Davison.

Suregrow Fertiliser is formulated specifically for horse and pony paddocks. It is produced in the UK in easy-to-handle 20kg bags and contains a phased (slow) release form of nutrients proven in trials to produce more sustained, better quality and palatable grass growth over a long period. An application will stimulate the development of strong, healthy roots in grasses, resulting in a denser sward that helps to suppress weed growth and can aid recovery of over-grazed, poached or 'stressed' pastures.

Avoiding a rich flush of grass resulting in unwanted weight gain or even laminitis is a vital aspect of managing grazing. Suregrow Fertiliser can be easily spread by hand and does not require the need to move horses and ponies off the fields during or after application. This makes it the ideal fertiliser to help keep grazing land in good condition during the summer and autumn months.

For more information about Suregrow Fertiliser, contact the technical support line on 01423 223045 or visit

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