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A lot has happened since my last blog and generally things have been pretty positive. Firstly let me introduce you to the newest member of the Shoestring team – Fliss. Fliss is an Irish Sports horse by Royal Concorde from a Ricardo Z mare, she is 6 years old but currently green and quite immature so we are taking things really slowly and just letting her develop her strength and muscle.

Lots of hacking and a little schooling has been the order of the day and she probably won’t be doing much competition wise until next year. She has a great jump and can be very careful so may turn out to be more a show jumper than an eventer but Shoestring_Oct.jpgwe will see. She has the most lovable nature and is always looking to please. As the yard I rent involves hacking onto a busy road she is currently kept a few miles away with a friend who has lovely quiet hacking and a school, this is fab although having horses in two different yards does give some logistical challenged particularly with the light shortening. Ellie and Fliss are sharing a saddle and there is nothing worse than arriving at one yard and realising the saddle is at the other yard!

Ellie meanwhile has moved up to BE100 level fairly easily. It is strange but as a rider that has ridden at advanced level when you have been away from that level for a while 100 seems huge particularly on a 14.2 pony.  We chose our first event to be Treborough which is on the edge of Exmoor and one of the most picturesque events in the calendar albeit a slightly challenging drive. Treborough has a reputation for being straightforward which it is but by golly they certainly built to maximum dimensions over a long and hilly course. I will plead guilty to a slightly sleepless night. It wasn’t then helped when the competitor in front of me fell and we were held in the start box for 20 minutes.

Once underway Ellie flew round making nothing of the course and finished with an excellent clear. Frustratingly 2 poles show jumping when I rode a dodgy line to a double prevented any rosettes despite a good dressage. Our form was franked two weeks later at West Wilts a far smaller but technical track when she jumped another super clear but two rider errors show jumping as well as a dressage judge that was less keen on us kept us well out the placings.

The next event should have been Bricky. We had a good drive up, it is a favourite journey of Mum's not only is it less boring than the motorway routes but we pass some lovely farm shops that have access for the lorry to park. Luckily Ellie is chilled about any unscheduled stops!

We went straight to the event on Friday teatime and walked the course as Saturday was an early start. As always it was beautifully build and prepared although in a couple of places quite wet after the weeks rain. Luckily checking the phone no rain was forecast. We went back to the nearby stabling, plaited Ellie, cleaned stud holes and tack and set an early alarm. Worryingly there were a couple showers and checking Facebook prior to bed Bricky posted they couldn't cope with any more. When I woke up an hour later and could hear the rain pouring I knew what the outcome was going to be and indeed when the alarm went off at 5 the text was already in with the cancellation. The only good thing was the extra hour in bed!

Poor Ellie was unplaited and looked very non plussed. Nothing worse than being at the event and it cancelling, although the entry is refunded the fuel and time cannot be retrieved. Then again to be honest it is probably selfish to say this when the poor organisers have been spending months preparing the course and event only for the weather to wipe out the whole thing.

We did at least do some show jumping and headed to a favourite haunt at Chard to jump the British Novice and Discovery. Ellie pulled it out the bag for a 4th place and £17 in the first class but we had a couple of rails in the Discovery.

So two more events left for the year at Calmsden and Aldon providing the weather is kind.

Meanwhile the yearlings are rapidly growing and so pleased with their grazing this year. I applied Suregrow fertiliser and CSM in April and the field is still lush and green with grass coming through despite the two babies grazing it all year as well as using as a playground.


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