Nicola Wilson's season starts!

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Nicola Wilson's season may have had a delayed start due to a broken collarbone but she was delighted with how the horses ran at Burgham International.

It was their first event of the season and unfortunately weather was against them but Annie Clover lead the CIC** with an amazing dressage score of 35 and then jumped a lovely double clear to win. It was Annie Clover's first run since The World Equestrian Games in August 2014 and Nicola was interested to see how she came out this year. Annie Clover's immediate excitement to get to the first fence was obvious and Nicola couldn't have been happier.

One Two Many, who competed in his first 4* last October, also put in a solid first run with a dressage score of 37 and a superb double clear to finish 2nd. WaterMill Vision finished 6th after a few mistakes in his dressage but a lovely double clear.

Bulana finished 4th in the Open Intermediate. 

Photograph thanks to K2Photographic

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