Richard Howley wins joint first place in the Six Bar Competition

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Irish rider Richard Howley and Verlindo took joint first place in the Suregrow Fertiliser Six Bar at Bramham International Horse Trails. 

Richard is part of Team HK Horses who specialise in breeding, producing, training and competing showjumping horses.

The Six Bar Jumping competition sees a horse and rider jump six fences set in a straight line. Usually the fences are placed with equal distance between and the first fence is the lowest with each subsequent fence being higher than the one before.

Horses are either penalized or eliminated from the competition if they knock down a rail.

When, after each round, more than one competitor jumps clear or are tied for fewest faults, the six fences are raised in height for each subsequent round until there is a winner. If there are multiple jump-off's the final fence can be raised to well over 6 feet.

Photograph thanks to K2Photographic

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