Rio Olympics 2016

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Make sure you don's miss any of the equestrian action in Rio. All times shown are UK times, Rio times are in the brackets.
All the equestrian action will be shown on the BBC red button and on the BBC sport website. Cross-country, eventing showjumping, showjumping team round two (team final) and individual final, dressage grand prix special (team final) and grand prix freestyle (individual final) may also be shown on the main BBC TV channels.

Friday 5 August

•Eventing first horse inspection: 12.30-1.55pm (8.30-9.55am)

•Opening ceremony: 11.30pm (7.30pm)

Saturday 6 August

 •Eventing dressage: 2-8pm (10am-4pm)

Sunday 7 August

 •Eventing dressage: 2-8pm (10am-4pm)

Monday 8 August

•Eventing cross-country: 2-7pm (10am-3pm)

•Dressage horse inspection: 7.45-8.55pm (3.45-4.55pm)

Tuesday 9 August

•Eventing second horse inspection: Noon-1pm ((8-9am)

•Eventing team showjumping, eventing individual showumping, eventing team and individual medal ceremonies: 2-7.30pm (10am-3.30pm)

Wednesday 10 August

•Dressage grand prix: 2-8pm (10am-4pm)

Thursday 11 August

•Dressage grand prix: 2-8pm (10am-4pm)

Friday 12 August

•Showjumping horse inspection: 11.30am-1pm (7.30-9am)

•Dressage grand prix special team final and team medal ceremony: 2-8.30pm (10am-4.30pm)

Saturday 13 August

•Showjumping training session: 2-6.50pm (10am-2.50pm)

Sunday 14 August

•Showjumping first qualifier (team and individual): 2-5.45pm (10am-1.45pm)

Monday 15 August

•Dressage grand prix freestyle and individual medal ceremony: 2-6pm (10am-2pm)

Tuesday 16 August

•Showjumping team round one: 2-5.30pm (10am-1.30pm)

Wednesday 17 August

•Showjumping team round two and team medal ceremony: 2-4.45pm (10am-12.45pm)

Thursday 18 August

•Showjumping horse inspection: 8-8.30pm (4-4.30pm)

Friday 19 August

•Showjumping individual final and individual medal ceremony: 2-6.45pm (10am-2.45pm)

Sunday 21 August

•Closing ceremony: 11.30pm (7.30pm) 


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