Suregrow Fertiliser renews support for successful international riders

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Good quality grazing is vital to increasing numbers of successful international riders and four world-class competitors, event riders Caroline Powell, Oliver Townend and Ruth Edge, together with dressage rider and sought-after trainer Richard Davison, have once again chosen Suregrow Fertiliser for their grazing paddocks.

Caroline Powell, whose New Zealand team eventing bronze medal at the London Olympics with Lenamore was a hugely popular success explains; "Working with Suregrow complements our management extremely well because we place a lot of emphasis on the importance of lengthy turnout time and good quality grazing."

Fellow event rider Ruth Edge echoes this approach, saying; "I wouldn’t choose anything else, because grazing correctly managed pasture is so important to our management of both dressage and event horses.”

Richard Davison, whose dressage yard is also managed to impeccably high standards, adds; “I am impressed with the science behind Suregrow Fertiliser and believe it is extremely beneficial to our grassland. Our horses enjoy their turnout time and Suregrow offers the potential to contribute significantly to their diet and wellbeing, which is very important to me.”

Oliver Townend focuses on similar priorities, commenting; “Turnout is well known to offer psychological benefits to all horses, but the value of grazing goes beyond that, as grass is a very natural and healthy way to feed. I am delighted with the advice we have received from Suregrow Fertiliser and by ensuring even grass growth throughout the season, we are better able to maintain our grassland in optimum condition, which can only be good for the horses.”

Suregrow Fertiliser, formulated specifically for horse and pony paddocks, contains a slower release form of nutrients proven in trials to produce more sustained, better quality grass growth over a longer period and to facilitate uptake of nutrients essential to the wellbeing of horses and ponies. Suregrow Fertiliser will also stimulate the development of strong, healthy roots in grasses, resulting in a denser sward that helps to suppress weed growth and can aid recovery of over-grazed or poached pastures. It is safe to handle and spread, making it easy to apply.

For individual advice on pasture management this season, contact Suregrow Fertiliser on 01423 223045, email, visit or find Suregrow Fertiliser on facebook.

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