The Horse of the Year Show Suregrow Five Fence Challenge

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This year we are proud to sponsor the Five Fence Challenge at the Horse of the Year Show. Now in its fourth year, this exciting competition has proved popular with both riders and spectators. Competitors jump a course of five fences, which increase in height in each round. The competition will go to a maximum of five rounds. If a fault is incurred in any round, a bell will be rung, signalling the end of that competitors round and elimination from the competition. Scoring works on a point system; two points for clearing a fence, one point for a knock-down and 0 points for a refusal or a fall. The winner is the remaining competitor at the end of final round with the highest point total.

Suregrow's Jonathon Cox commented: “Suregrow is delighted to be a part of HOYS 2014. The Show will provide an excellent platform to promote our product to a wider audience and illustrate the benefits of Suregrow to paddocks and, of course, horses and ponies.”

Helena Pettit from Grandstand Media Ltd added: “Now in its fourth year, this class gets more and more popular each time around and we’re thrilled that it will receive support from Suregrow in 2014. We’re looking forward to working with the Suregrow team on what is a real crowd-favourite at HOYS.

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