Winter Turnout - invaluable for health, fitness and wellbeing

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Turnout is well known to offer psychological benefits to horses and ponies as it allows them to relax and enjoy the opportunity to graze and grass is the ideal feed, much cheaper than anything in a bag or tub. Turnout onto grass that is in good condition and providing a correct mineral and trace element profile to the grazing horse is a very natural and healthy way to feed.

So although we stable our horses because it’s convenient for us and nearly all of them adapt and accept the confinement it imposes, does it compromise their health, fitness and wellbeing? Many leading riders would say yes.

Three riders right at the top of the sport of eventing, Ruth Edge, who also competes with equal success in the dressage arena, Oliver Townend and Caroline Powell, all emphasise that high quality grazing is vital to the successful management of their horses.

Caroline is unusual even amongst top level competition riders, as many of her horses live out all year round at her base in the Scottish Borders. She explains, “We place a lot of emphasis on the importance of lengthy turnout time and good quality grazing and use Suregrow Fertiliser on our paddocks all year round.”

Ruth says, “Turnout is an important part of my routines for all types of horses. The young ones need plenty of time out to help them grow and develop and for the older horses it gives them time to relax, even if it is just for an hour or two. The better the quality of the grazing, the more they will benefit from their relaxation time, which is why I choose Suregrow.

Oliver says with conviction, “The results of using Suregrow on my grazing paddocks have been unbelievable, as the quality of the grass is ex My grazing is very important as we keep a lot of horses turned out most of the time and I have to be sure that the nutrient profile of the grass is providing what they need.”

Amongst the leading dressage riders whose horses enjoy regular turnout, another Suregrow customer is Richard Davison (pictured with a mare and foal). He confirms, “Our horses enjoy their turnout time and by ensuring the grass they graze provides a correct mineral and trace element profile, it offers the potential to contribute significantly to their diet and wellbeing, which is very important to me.”

So next time you think of leaving your horse in his stable 24/7, think again, as he would potentially be healthier, fitter and much happier if you turned him out.

For more information about Suregrow Fertiliser, contact the technical helpline on 05601 126627 or visit

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