Zara and Chiddock Time Traveller Win the Suregrow Show Pony Championship

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Zara Brookes with Chiddock Time Traveller took the Suregrow Show Pony Championship at this year’s North of England Spring Show.

Based at Robert and Sarah Walker’s yard in Cheshire, the nine-year-old Chiddock Time Traveller, dazzled the judges Lucy Carey and Allan Robertson to win the title.

Zara has only had Chiddock Time Traveller since the middle of last season, so this relatively new pairing was delighted to take the championship.

Known as Billy at home, the chestnut Chiddock Time Traveller went foot perfect to impress the judges.

Said Zara: "I was over the moon to win the Suregrow Show Pony Championship. Billy felt amazing, he didn’t put a foot wrong. It is our first show of the year, so we are very excited about the season ahead.”

Added producer Sarah Walker: “We are delighted for Zara and Billy, he went so well. Billy has a really sweet nature and is lovely to deal with, they are a great partnership.”

Said Jonathan Cox of Suregrow: “Congratulations to Zara and Chiddock Time Traveller they put up a brilliant performance to win the championship at the start of the season.”

Specialising in the care of grassland for horses and ponies, Suregrow has a range of products including fertilisers, mineral and trace elements and grass seeds specifically selected for horse and pony paddocks, as well as the ultimate in arena and ground care management.

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