Hickstead - The British Jumping Derby Meeting

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What a fantastic year for the Hickstead Derby! The infamous equestrian event was held over the 19th to the 23rd of July. Douglas Bunn was the founder of the Hickstead Derby in 1960. The event has now grown to be known all over the world. The main class to watch was The British Derby (£111,000.00). Phillip Miller was the proud winner of this class winning a whopping £36,630.00! The class was filled with tricky jumps including the Devil's Dyke - three fences in short succession with a water-filled ditch in the middle. The infamous Derby Bank was also great to watch, a jump with 3ft 5in rails on top and a 10ft 6in steep slope down the front. Fortunately for the horses the bank didn't turn in to too much of a mud slide as the main arena was fertilized with Suregrow, ensuring the grass was kept nice and thick so there was a softer landing for the unfortunate few who fell.

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