Team Davison turnout paddocks

We believe it is fundamental for any top competition training stable to provide daily turn-out for every horse. It is critical for their physical and mental well-being and we think it helps them to perform to their optimum. That is why for several years now we have relied on Suregrow fertiliser to keep our paddocks in tip top condition throughout the year. In spite of heavy use our paddocks always look great but more importantly our horses are relaxed and content in them and get their essential nutritional requirements.

- Team Davison - Elite Equestrian Athletes

Turnout is well known to offer psychological and physical benefits to horses, but the value of grazing goes beyond that as grass is a very natural and healthy way to feed. We have applied Suregrow Fertiliser to ensure we make the most of our turnout through the winter months and also so that the early grass growth next year will be of a higher quality and contribute more to the overall diet. I am delighted with the advice we have received from Suregrow and by ensuring even grass growth throughout the season, we are able to maintain our grassland in optimum condition, which can only be good for the horses.

- Oliver Townend - 4* International Event Rider

I want 100% peace of mind that I’m using a safe product for my horses that will get great results.

- Caroline Kilby - Newcastle

Think I have two very happy horses after moving to the fertilized paddocks. Suregrow Fertiliser is amazing stuff! This field was completely bald! We are now going to fertilize our other two fields with it because it does such a great job.

- Tegan Henniker

Mount St John specialises in breeding dressage horses of the highest standard providing quality without compromise.

For the best development of our mares and foals it is critically important that our paddocks produce grass that is consistently high in nutrients.

Over the years we have tried and tested many different fertilisers and have found the products produced by Suregrow are nothing less than excellent.

We use Suregrow fertiliser for slow nutrient release which avoids lush grass growth.

We get an exceptional service from Suregrow and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

- Mount St John Stud

Two fields getting the same use – one getting fertilised with Suregrow Fertiliser – spot the difference in just 5 days! Don’t think you need any more proof that Suregrow Fertiliser is a must have!

- Caroline Powell - 4* International Event Rider

2nd field done today! And put horses back in the first. After only 2/3 weeks we noticed a difference with our field. Nice tough grass... too many people think it’s the length but I have a large boy whom I struggle keeping weight on and it just proves its quality over quantity so glad I found your product and your customer service is amazing! Xx

- Louise Blake - London

Hello. Just thought I would give you an update of how we got on this year after applying the Suregrow Fertiliser to our fields. We have seven horses in total and usually spend the year rotating them from one field to another when the grass goes down. This spring we used the Suregrow Fertiliser in the fields that we start off the summer with. The horses are still on the same fields and they are green and look amazing! We have grass in the gateways that we don't normally ever have!! Somerset has been really dry, I remember one year we had feed hay in August as all of our field were bald. I can't believe what a huge improvement it has made. I am going to get the other fields done in Sept (we have 12 acres in total) and fingers crossed this should mean we feed a lot less hay over winter. Thank you for making such an amazing product. Our 23 year old retired horse can suffer with the hard ground in the summer but it’s like having him on a soft carpet so he is very happy.

- Debbie Burns – Somerset

By using Suregrow Fertiliser on my paddocks, I not only have sustained grass growth all year round, meaning that my horses benefit from daily turnout but also with grass that is very nutritious, which can only help with their well-being.

- Nicola Wilson - 4* International Event Rider